Our Story

FleetConnect247 was created to help passenger ground transport fleet owners maximize ROI on their asset investments and better manage fleet operations. The feature set of FleetConnect247 has grown to encompass requirements of all fleets including trucking and cold chain with the introduction of industry specific modules.

To maximize fleet ROI all fleets need to

  • Track fuel and maintenance costs, these are major contributors to operating costs
  • Track asset availability for productive use.
  • Perform daily inspections on vehicles to
  • For passenger transport to ensure the fleet is licensed and compliant to local laws.

Today these tasks are paper based and data is transposed into spread sheets for tracking and analysis. FleetConnect247 provides you with the tools to automate the process.


Our mission is to deliver better ROI on your fleet investments.

Making fleet operations simple and integrated, ensuring near real-time visibility of fleet performance data to all stakeholders. Using these actionable insights delivery better ROI on fleet assets.


A team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and motivated professionals with deep experience in Ground Transportation form the core members at Vxceed, the creators of the game changing FleetConnect247.

We are passionate about delivering simple yet effective solutions to the Ground transport industry and are constantly innovating so to give you the technology advantage you need to thrive in today’s post Uber Ground Transport industry.


Vxceed is a leading provider of Ground Transport software products and has a successful track record in developing and providing SaaS transport and logistics software products for over 20 years.

Apart from FleetConnect247 the Vxceed Ground Transport family of products include LimoConnect247 software platform for managing passenger ground transport, GuestConnect247 software for managing multi-country outsourced transportation management, GroundCentric247 software platform for managing ground operations in airports.