*  All pricing are in US Dollars. Fair use limits apply for number of drivers managed in the system. OBD data requires vehicle with ODB support. VIN look up and Fuel Card automation is currently only available for USA.

Optional Extras

GPS Asset Tracking *
GPS Tracking with 2MB Data included.
$10 extra per vehicle per month
* Requires purchase of tracking hardware option.
GPS Tracking Hardware
OBD tracker
OBD port connected plug-and-play tracking device suitable for vehicles with OBD port (4G LTE), includes SIM
$150 one time
Wired Tracker (4G LTE), includes SIM
$200 one time
* Hardware made in the USA
Option to operate separate companies with independent isolated fleets in a single account.
$10 per company per month
Electronic Key box
Allows you to securely manage and issue asset keys to drivers.
Contact sales for pricing
Integration to third party GPS tracking
Contact sales for pricing
Limo Software Integration
Includes limo specific compliance checks, including licensing checks.
$2 extra per asset per month

All plans include...

14 Day free trial
Try the full version of FleetConnect247 before you buy.
Unlimited users
Invite your team members and external collaborators to help manage your fleet better.
User support
Get the best support from our customer success focused team via email or phone
Fleet performance reports
Comprehensive and flexible reporting for fleet operations presented as reports and visualizations available in several formats and can be subscribed to.
Regular updates
FleetConnect247 is updated every 3-6 weeks, we add new innovative product features, user requests and improvements .
SSL secure encryption
FleetConnect247 uses secure SSL encryption to protect your data.
Mobile app
For drivers, fleet managers and technicians, perform vehicle inspections, view vehicle location, status, work orders, track fuel expenses and maintenance costs on the go.
With built in integration for VIN data lookups, diagnostic trouble codes, fuel card providers, NYC Taxi and other data sources and hardware such as electronic key box systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get in the 14 Day free trail?

You get to try all the features of FleetConnect247 for a 14-day period with no commitments. If at the end of the trial, you choose to continue you will need to setup payment information, we accept all major credit cards. For annual payments invoice payment via brank transfer can be provided.

Do I need to setup and install any software?

FleetConnect247 web application running on the cloud, you need a web browser to access the application. To use the mobile app, you will need to connect to the Apple App store or Google Play Store to install the mobile app on your device.

What is an “Asset, can I increase or decrease the number of Assets in my Account?

An active vehicle or equipment in FleetConnect247 is an Asset, you can increase or decrease the number of Assets in your account. All Assets are billed on a pro-rated basis of days active in the billing month.