Safe and secure, unattended issue and return of Keys

Managing keys for vehicles can get tiresome for reception or security office and using a manual paper logbook for recording pickup and return of keys can lead to missing keys with no entries in the logbook.

FleetConnect247 provides a fully integrated Electronic key box option that allows drivers a self-service option for pickup and return of keys in a secure manner. Keys can be accessed any time of day or night without having to tie up expensive staff time to manage keys.

With FleetConnect247 key box integration, when a vehicle assigned to a specific driver, they can access the designated vehicle key from the box at the start of the assigned time and return the keys when done.

Time stamp entries of key pickup and return are automatically made. FleetConnect247 can also validate if the driver’s license is valid and that they are permitted to drive the vehicle type before issuing keys ensuring that you meet your Health and Safety requirements.

If Keys are not collected by the designated driver within a set time window the vehicle assignment to the driver can be automatically cancelled and the vehicle is free for further assignment.