Perform electronic vehicle inspections

FleetConnect247 allows you to create electronic vehicle inspection forms replacing your paper forms. You can choose from pre-defined forms or create your own, with task types yes/no, open ended, etc questions can be mandatory or optional.

  • Each task allows the user to add notes, capture photos and attach files.
  • Report critical defects or issues that needs attending to.
  • View open defects and issues from previous inspection.
  • Sign off on defects fixed.
  • Perform Visual inspections for dents and scratches.

Drivers can perform the vehicle inspection on the FleetConnect247 mobile app and results are automatically uploaded with attached photos and files for review and action in real time.

Performing a DVIR Pre-Trip and Post-Trip ensures regulatory compliance, ensure proper maintenance, reduces vehicle downtime and chances of accidents and fines.

Vehicle Inspections performed can be reviewed and actioned into work orders as required.