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High performance Route optimization to help you improve utilization of your vehicles and mobile workforce while reducing costs.

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FleetConnect247 Mobile app

for Drivers, Workshop and Fleet Managers

Vehicle Inspections
Drivers or Workshop Techs can perform vehicle inspection checks and capture images and notes on predefined inspection checklists.
Capture Expenses
Drivers can capture fuel and other expenses along with images of the paper receipts directly into the system.
Work Orders
Scan the vehicle VIN number to view pending work orders, review driver-logged defects or engine fault codes. Technicians can update work performed, parts used and vehicle status.
Vehicle Location
Track vehicle location and service status. Scanning the vehicle’s VIN number or asset code displays all its related records.

Tracking and Telematics

Vehicle and Asset Tracking*

With GPS tracking you can view real time location and status of your vehicles, assets and equipment. Seamlessly collaborate and communicate with trip planners, dispatchers and external vendors.

Driver behavior monitoring*

Identify the drivers with excessive idling, speeding, acceleration, braking and driving monitor frequency of incidents in order to improve drivers’ behaviour. Geofence regions on the map to monitor if your vehicles are on track, at customer locations or out of operating zones.

Vehicle Diagnostics*

Efficiently track vehicle faults to resolution using DTC fault codes and sub-system references. Review driver-logged defects or engine fault codes and schedule repair and maintenance on the fly.

Reporting & Alerts

Access a large range of vehicle and driver operational reports and alerts in various formats or subscribe to have them sent to you for review.

*Requires OBD or wired tracker options or integration to external GPS telematics providers

Automation & Integrations

Reduce manual entry and easily capture key fleet data.

Fuel Card integration allows you to automatically track fuel expenses made with cards and limit card abuse and fraud.
VIN Data
Automatically look up and fill out vehicle data based on its VIN number.
Diagnostic Trouble codes reported for the vehicle are looked up and translated into fault messages.
GPS Telematics systems
Third party GPS systems data can be used for vehicle location tracking, speed and driver behavior. You could also use the FleetConnect247 OBD and wired tracker options
NYC For Hire vehicle and TLC data
Various automatic checks for NYC FHV and TLC vehicles that ensure that your drivers and contractors have current license and no outstanding compliance issues – NYC only
Electronic Key box
Automated and secure issue and return of your vehicle keys from FleetConnect247 with an integrated Electronic key box.
Temperature monitoring*
When moving goods that are temperature sensitive, our integrated temperature monitoring option allows you to track and alert on temperature events.

*Requires OBD or wired tracker options